Yai’s Thai for lunch

When it comes to finding lunch in Newtown, you’re both spoilt for choice and not. There’s plenty to choose from, as long as you want to eat Thai. We’ve eaten in a few of the Thai restaurants in Newtown and the best one for lunch would have to be Yai’s Thai.

Like many of the other restaurants in Newtown, Yai’s puts on lunch specials every day from 12 to 3. For $6.50 you can choose among several Thai dishes – red and green curries, satay, pad Thai, etc – with veges, tofu, beef or chicken. Their satay is among the best I’ve ever eaten. We have it every time we go.  

Tofu Satay
Tofu Satay

If you arrive early enough your lunch comes with a free dessert. They serve up sliced rockmelon with ice cubes and pearl tea gobby-balls in coconut milk. It seems little freaky at first, but it’s always quite delicious.

Dessert at Yai’s
Freaky Dessert at Yai's

Yai’s is further up the street from Sydney Uni than many of the other restaurants in King Street. This has the advantage that it tends not to get as crowded at lunchtime as the other places closer to the uni.

The service at Yai’s is efficient and friendly enough. The place is always clean and well decorated. There are several pictures, including a leopard, the King of Thailand and Buddha, which seem to move around the wall from visit to visit. A bit of variety always makes things more interesting.

Yai’s Thai
148 King St
NSW, Australia

Ratings (out of 5 snorts)

Price 5 snorts
Taste 4 snorts
Service 4 snorts
Atmosphere 3 snorts

2 thoughts on “Yai’s Thai for lunch

  1. I like the descriptions, especially the one on Turkey it almost sounds as though its worth going there, even if you have to see some touristy sites. The eating seems to be the thing that stands out.

    The description is worth four and a half snorts.

  2. Yai’s does quite well dealing with large group bookings. I’ve been there for lunches with around 30 people before. We sit upstairs in a function room with long tables. If we’re organised we preorder our meals by phone, but it’s ok to order when you arrive. With such a large group some confusion is inevitable and there’s often a meal that no one claims. Yai’s is good about taking it away and replacing it with the right meal.

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