Gasparo in Burwood is a nice little restaraunt that we discovered by accident. My mother and I were intending to visit Bello, another Burwood restaurant I have been told is very good, but it was closed on Mondays so we wandered up the street and discovered Gasparo. This was our second visit to introduce the rest of the family to the little gem we had discovered. I had the chicken snitzel with mushroom sauce, which is served with salad and chips. I have to say, the mushroom sauce is made of awesome. According to the waiter, who was very friendly although a bit rushed, it is freshly squeezed from the awesome tree out the back! The chicken snitzel is one of the better snitzels I’ve ever had, with the chicken staying nice and moist, lightly crumbed and not to greasy. It’s the sauce which raises it out of the ordinary- it’s also handy for dipping your chips in (they end up as a shovel for the mushroom sauce). Sadly the chef ignored my request for naked salad, but the dressing was nice enough, not oily and not too strong. With a table of 9 I didn’t get to find out what everyone thought of their dishes, but Bryn thought his salmon with garlic and dill sauce was del-ish-ous! James was dissapointed in his meal (unfortunately I didn’t catch what it was) but I think that was mainly because we’d talked the place up so much and he was expecting ambrosia. Apparently Loina had the same meal and she really enjoyed it. No accounting for taste!

The main event was coming up- dessert! The whole point of this exercise (well maybe not the WHOLE point) was to sample Gasparo’s rather unusual sticky date pudding. If you ask me it’s more of a cake than a pudding- it looks like a cake in the cake window. But when they heat it and serve it with icecream, the icing melts into this incredible butterscotch sauce so the whole thing becomes warm and moistly delicious. On this occasion though, Gasparo failed us a bit, which takes it down some points in my estimation. Since this was a particular focus of the meal, my mother had rung ahead and specifically asked them to make sure they had plenty of it for that night (we’d booked). When it came time for dessert, there were only two serves. Since we’d specifically asked ahead of time, I feel this was pretty poor. Still the two serves were as delicious as promised, and the unlucky ones were quite satisfied with their mudcake and tiramisu.


On the whole, Gasparo is a pretty nice restaurant. It’s not too noisy, the decoration is subtle, the food reliably good with occasional flashes of awesome, and our waiter was a delight.

Cafe Gasparo
130 Burwood Rd
NSW, Australia

Ratings (out of 5 snorts)

Price 3 snorts
Taste 4 snorts
Service 3 snorts
Atmosphere 3 snorts

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