Sugar Hit: Marriott

Good Food Month is disappearing quickly, so there was a sense of urgency among our dessert devotees to fit in one more Sugar Hit. A number of phone calls to hotels eventually led us to choose the Marriott. After speaking to several places it was a relief to find the Marriott had a member of staff who understood what gluten free food is and was confident her establishment could accommodate my request. Actually the Marriott Sugar Hit was the best treat I’ve had of our three Sugar Hits. It was so exciting to receive a full selection of four gluten free desserts!

My platter included creme brulee, champagne jelly, chocolate fudge triangle and white chocolate mousse with mango. The creme brulee was very milky with a hint of fruit, probably peach we decided. The specks of vanilla bean at the bottom were a source of delight.

The white chocolate mousse had a very light texture and went quite well with sliced fresh mango. The champagne jelly had a really did taste like champagne and looked very pretty with its embedded berries.

Its lightness was a relief after the richness of the fudge triangle. With dark chocolate fudge, then milk chocolate and a white chocolate apex every mouthful was a delight. Some of the party couldn’t finish every mouthful though because it was very rich.

The standard Sugar Hit had the creme brulee and fudge triangle like mine. My jelly was a replacement for a strawberry sponge. This light creation was surrounded by a decorative chocolate shell and was our fruit lover’s favourite dessert.

Their fourth dessert was rice pudding with mango, with more hints of vanilla bean.

We were very happy to have four different desserts that didn’t feel mass produced. Having a special gluten free selection was the icing on the cake for me. The service was not speedy, but we felt well looked after and got more personal attention than at the other Sugar Hit venues we’d visited. The easy jazz playing in the lounge contributed to the atmosphere of relaxation.

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