From seed to stomach

Reading about food miles and the slow food movement makes you focus on where your food comes from, how far it has travelled and whether it had a good life. You come across phrases like ‘from pasture to plate’. In this post I want to take you on a journey from seed to stomach. With vegetables growing in the backyard I didn’t even have to walk to the greengrocer to make spring vegetable pasta. Of course there are external inputs, but I’m very proud of my growing babies. Eating them is a real pleasure. Hopefully my landlord will see a surplus of spinach as a fair exchange for the loss of his lawn.

Here are my spring veggies: broad beans, silverbeet, basil, and carrots with personality. I’m still eating a few little brussel sprouts, but my broccoli plants have transformed from a recognisable vegetable, to bunches of yellow flowers and are now putting on seedpods.

In addition to the ingredients from the garden I added ingredients from the pantry which were garlic, tinned tomatoes and gluten-free pasta.

Topped off with Willowbrae marinated goats fetta (from last month’s Good Living Growers Market) it was a pretty good meal.

While you’re thinking about food and gardening, add a touch of romance to the mix with a poem by Alloronan.

4 thoughts on “From seed to stomach

  1. Beautiful, I’ve just started a veggie patch about 3 or four weeks ago up here in Brissie. We haven’t yet harvested anything from it, but our Silverbeet is looking close as is a few of our butter lettuce. Can’t wait to get stuck in… I’m thinking I might roll and stuff the silverbeet somehow.

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