Food tour of Cabramatta


I’ve finally made my first trip to Cabramatta, it was so busy and exciting and there were so many things I didn’t have time to see and try. My visit was so fleeting it’s a stretch to describe it as a food tour. It was an excellent way to while away a rainy hour while cycling though. I’ll definitely be going back for more. In the meantime here are some photos to whet your appetite for this hub of Sydney’s South West.

This machine is making custard filled emperor balls.


There were lots of exotic fruits and vegetables for sale.


A friend had this colourful pork plate for lunch. I had soup, but it wasn’t as good as Toan Thang in Flemington.


I loved the array of multicoloured sweets and ready-made meals.


These dresses are nearly as colourful as the sweets. You could be a real little princess in one of them.


I couldn’t resist the sugar cane juice since it was being freshly squeezed. I haven’t had it before and I couldn’t believe how filling it was. This may have had something to do with the huge cups it came in.


The machine had scary-looking teeth. See what they did to the sugarcane!


Nearby Prospect Reservoir is a nice place to ride your bike, but beware of the closed cyclepath. We got quite lost. Luckily we’d stocked up on treats in Cabramatta, so there was not danger of starving!


5 thoughts on “Food tour of Cabramatta

  1. Next time you go let me know before hand, I can recommended some good places to eat. There are so many restaurants in Cabramatta, it can get a little overwhelming when deciding what to eat! The restaurants with the longest queues don’t always mean they are the best.

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