Chatswood Village Courtyard Cafe

Chatswood Village Courtyard Cafe is tucked away in a little commercial complex on Neridah Street. The signs outside lured me in, “Pizza, Pasta, Salads, Gluten Free” they read. I love the opportunity to eat gluten free pizza and this is one of the better ones I’ve had. The thin base really achieves a balanced texture without being soggy in the middle or as hard as a Sao. I think the pizza bases beat Twelve in Newtown, but the atmosphere suits a different occasion. The Courtyard Cafe is a great place to chill out and read the paper or watch the TV in the corner.

There are lots of pizza toppings to choose from. This time we had the Mykonos with prosciutto, fetta, olives and tomato. It’s smothered in stretchy mozzarella.


When I got out my camera the owner was quite excited that his pizza warranted a photo. When I explained I had a food blog he asked for my business card! I had to explain that it’s only a hobby.

The guy is really charming, he even topped up our milkshakes from the blender when we’d drunk the first part. He explained that the gluten free pizza bases are made fresh for each order. This is in contrast to the normal bases which are ok if they’re made a day ahead.

They do gluten free pasta too and they’re starting to offer some gluten free cakes. This place isn’t only popular with coeliacs though. The nearby coaching colleges bring in children being rewarded by their parents for their diligence. One girl ordering a pizza was even skipping. If only I was that happy when I’ve finished work for the day!

So if you need a reward for your diligence I’d recommend the Courtyard Cafe. It’s a great place to relax in a low key environment and the food’s great.

Chatswood Village Courtyard Cafe
47 Neridah Street
NSW 2067

5 thoughts on “Chatswood Village Courtyard Cafe

  1. LOL you’re lucky you got top ups to the milkshakes. The only thing we get when we pull out our cameras in the west are stares. One time, a waitress scold us and asked us where we’re from and why we’re taking the photos, even after we explained about the blog, she insisted we stop taking the photos =( Lucky she did, cause I would have had to write a bad review =p

  2. Linda that sounds terrible. I’ve never been stopped from taking photos. I get a lot of funny looks but this is the first time I’ve been asked about it. Maybe people think I’m a tourist.

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