Ziggy’s Cafe

Ziggy’s Cafe is just off the food court at Broadway Shopping Centre. We went there for a meal before a movie. We were cutting it fine to fit in dinner before our session, so it was lucky the service was fairly fast. The outstanding thing about this place is the size of the servings. In a location like a food court I thought mains around $20 was pretty steep, but with the size of the serves you don’t need a meal per person. Sharing dishes with a pizza between every two people and an entree to share gave us more than enough food.

We started with drinks, although not the whiskey that the waiter jokingly suggested. He must have thought we were too much of a gaggle of girlies for strong drinks and he was right. Both the lemon lime and bitters and the hot chocolate were quite sweet. The sugar provided with the hot chocolate was definitely superfluous. We decided to order some pizzas to share and a vegetarian nachos as entree in case the pizzas weren’t enough. I ordered a pumpkin risotto. This, along with the nachos and steak, were the only meals that were gluten free, giving me pretty limited options. They aren’t labelled on the menu either, which is a pity, but I was relieved not to be eating yet another steak.


Everything arrived at about the same time and dispelled our doubts about whether we’d have enough food. The nachos was a full scale meal with heaps of topping, cheese, sour cream, salsa and corn chips. It wasn’t your standard refried beans, the range of vegetables made it feel almost healthy (although the other ingredients more than cancel out a few veggies!). The slightly spicy sauce featured corn kernels as well as beans which I quite enjoyed.


My risotto had plenty of mixed herbs, although it suffered from the common risotto problem of tasting very uniform. It was the biggest serve of risotto I’ve ever seen and I wasn’t able to finish it. This was partly because I was busy eating the nachos, which was nicer than the risotto, but I don’t think I could have got through it even with a dedicated effort.


The report on the pizzas was good. Everyone commented on the softness of the bases. They were thin but soft, a balance the pizza eaters approved of. The gamberi eaters were happy with their prawns.


The prettier pizza was the prima vera which featured chicken and avocado. One taste tester reported that she liked the way all the tastes were distinct from one another.

So what was the verdict? The food at Ziggy’s is nothing special, but the serving sizes are enormous. It’s not a bad option for dinner before a movie if you want to avoid the bustle of the food court outside.

Ratings (out of 5 snorts)

Price 3 snorts
Taste 3 snorts
Service 3 snorts
Atmosphere 2 snorts

Ziggy’s Cafe
Broadway Shopping Centre
Level 2 Foodcourt
1 Bay St, Broadway

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