Piglet wondered the other day whether we should have Lebanese for dinner. Lakemba might be a good place to find a Lebanese restaurant, she suggested. So we made our way out to Lakemba and walked up and down the main street looking for something suitable. We settled on the Jasmin restaurant – ‘Best kebabs in Sydney’ – just down the road from the station.

As we went in and found a table Piglet was able to tell me all sorts of information about the restaurant. She seemed suspiciously knowledgeable about this restaurant that we had just stumbled upon. I suspect that she had already read a review (or several) and wanted to sample the deliciousness herself.

Jasmin certainly lived up to Piglet’s expectations and I found it pretty good too. The menu, in English and Arabic, had a huge variety dishes. For those who can’t be satisfied with just one flavour there are mixed plates, which have a bit of everything. They come in vegetarian and carnivorous versions. The waiter could see that we were the sort of people for whom just one dish would not be enough and suggested that we have a carnivorous mixed plate between us. Piglet licked her lips and piped up with the idea that maybe we should have a vegetarian mixed plate and a meat mixed plate. The waiter hesitated but noted it down anyway.

Soon a huge plate with foule, hummus, baba-ganouj, tabouli and falafels came out.


It was accompanied by a basket full of Lebanese bread, garlic dip, tahini and a plate of salad, including lettuce, olives, pickled chillis, tomatoes, mint and the pinkest pickled cabbage I’ve ever seen.


We started. But then a second plate came out with hummus, baba-ganouj, tabouli, more falafels and lamb shish, köfte shish (although presumably under its Lebanese name), a piece of chicken and a kebbe.


It was delicious and very filling. As we waddled out, Piglet lamented the fact that we had eaten so well because it meant she couldn’t top off her meal with ice cream. Ice cream was out of the question not because of any moral issues about gluttony but because of the physical impossibility of squeezing any more food in.

Jasmin Lebanese Restaurant
30B Haldon St
Lakemba, NSW 2195
(02) 9740 3589‎

Ratings (out of 5 snorts)

Price 5 snorts
Taste 5 snorts
Service 4 snorts
Atmosphere 4 snorts

6 thoughts on “Jasmin

  1. I’m very keen to get there too! My parents have recently stumbled upon a butcher out in Lakemba who prepare incredible jamon serranos as well as a selection of international sausage varieties including one from the Philippines where my mum is from. Whenever they go out there, they always stop in at Jasmin’s from a big feast. Hmmm, perhaps this should be my new year’s resolution! Speaking of which, have a very happy New Year and I look forward to my food adventures from you in 2009!

  2. I love lebanese food! i live in coburg which is the heart of melbourne’s middle eastern quarter so we’re a little spoiled for choice when it comes to veggie plates and felafal kebabs! as for tempeh, I usually go with Nutrisoy brand in the yellow packet – it comes frozen from most Asian groceries and is the cheapest on offer. It lends itself well to dishes, but as i’ve never had an authentic indonesean tempeh dish i’m not sure how it compares to the original. give it a try though

  3. Looks fantastic, I think alot of good Turkish/Lebanese and Middle Eastern food in general is under rated and overlooked.

    My only weakness is that I can’t get use to eating falafels, I’ll happily eat everything else though!

  4. Oh yum, Jasmin is one of our absolute favourites. I’ve yet to find anyone to beat their fabulous (free!) garlic toum or their super crunchy but moist falafel and it’s so unbelievably cheap too.

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