Gelatomassi in Newtown wins the Hoglet’s choice award for the best gelato shop in Sydney. Does that sound like a bit of a big claim to make? That’s exactly the idea. I want you all to recommend your favourite gelato places so that we’ll have some nice new places to try. Cunning plan huh?


While I’m mentioning the best gelato in Sydney I should say that after Gelatomassi we have a favourite in Concord, Dolce Latte. Like Gelatomassi the gelato at Dolce Latte is freshly prepared on the premises. They don’t have such an amazing range of flavours though because they sell cakes and pastries as well. They even have pizza. Gelatomassi on the other hand is focussed on icecream and coffee and the range of flavours is incredible. Want to have fresh fig, blood orange or panna cotta? This is the place for fresh and unusual flavours that really hit the essence of the fruit or dessert they incorporate.


Cinnamon is our favourite flavour. It’s divine, creamy and with real bits of cinnamon. I had it with lychee this time. It tasted exactly like lychees which I guess shouldn’t be surprising. I was very excited to discover a frozen lychee in the middle of my scoop too. What’s more it’s one of the sorbets without fat, although my cinnamon scoop was very creamy.


James had his cinnamon with Belgian chocolate. You can’t go wrong with this one – it’s so incredibly chocolatey.


I’ve been here often for gelato, but I’ve just discovered they also have the most magnificent icecream cakes I’ve ever seen. I did get scolded by the owner when I was photographing them though. He told me it was ok, but I should have asked first. Oops.


Gelatomassi is often quite busy, but this time we managed to get a seat. This was great because we got to see one of the two chest-high gelato machines in action. It had just finished churning and we watched as the gelato was poured out slowly straight into a serving tray for the counter. Now that’s fresh gelato.

Ratings (out of 5 snorts)

Price 4 snorts
Taste 5 snorts
Service 3 snorts
Atmosphere 2 snorts

262 King St
Newtown, NSW

10 thoughts on “Gelatomassi

  1. I’ve always walked past it but never been in. But awww getting scolded? I hope he was nice about it! So many people (non bloggers too) take pics of food that they like.

  2. I love the pistachio flavour here – it’s the most intense flavour I’ve ever tasted. The owner said he imports a special pistachio paste direct from Italy.

    And as I recall, I’ve been told off too for taking photos of their ice cream tubs. I think that’s why I never bothered blogging about it 🙂

  3. Haha I love the staff here, they always manage to remember my favourite combinations, much like your regular barista. Sad to hear you were scolded:( I go through their loyalty cards much too quickly, but recommend if you come here regularly. Favourite flavour at the moment would have to be cookies and cream. Cheesecake flavours are generally good but cherry related flavours tend to have that medicine like quality here:S

  4. Wow, all those photos look delicious! Once again, by reading your blog I’ve been tempted by something that I can’t have.

    Pistachio is my favorite flavor too, theres a great little gelato place on lygon street that always sells nice ice cream, but like Gelatomassi it gets quite busy, especially when it gets hot. I want to find new ice cream haunts in melbourne too!

  5. Hi Lorraine – you should definitely try it. Getting scolded is pretty scary, but it won’t stop me going back for the gelato.

    Hi Helen – it’s pretty amazing to import special pistachios from Italy, it’s worth it for the flavour though.

    Hi Miss Honey – you must be a regular if they can remember your flavours!

    Hi Maria – you’ll have to try Gelatomassi next time your in Sydney and I’ll have get some tips from you before I come to Melbourne.

    Hi Arfi – I like the idea of licking your icecream to death 🙂

    Hi Yasmin – yes, you should go, the gelato is lovely and there are heaps of flavours.

    Hi Christie – mmm, hazelnut, it would go well with the Belgian chocolate.

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