Books for Love

Arfi Binstead from HomemadeS is running a charity auction of books and photographs to raise money for Indonesian kids with cancer. Have a look at her post about it and the listing of books for auction. If you want to buy a book the auction will be open from 26th January – 9th February 2009. At the end the books will be posted to the winners by the book donors.

I have decided to donate a book to this worthy cause. It’s called “Stepping Out: Three Centuries of Shoes”. It’s about shoe design over time and it has some fabulous photos of really unusual footwear.


So take a look at the auction and see if there’s something that interests you. It’s a fun way to help kids with cancer.

4 thoughts on “Books for Love

  1. Oh Arwen, thanks so much for participating. Yes, please everyone, have a closer look at the auction on next week onwards till 9 feb only. Cheers!

  2. Hi Everyone. The auctions have started now for some of the books. They’ll continue all week, so you can head on over to start bidding.

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