Leftover Roast Pastie

As you may have noticed, I am a lazy cook. This clashes rather badly with my penchant for delicious food. Therefore, I am ever in search of new ways to make something tasty go that little bit further, and this one is a particular favourite. Basically, every so often I get a craving for roast lamb, and actually go that little step further from craving to actually making it. Since I do love a roast, I like to make it last. One can always go for the good old fashioned reheat the leftovers job, but that really lacks that certain something that distinguishes the truly lazy gourmet cook. Thus we have the leftover Roast Pastie.

You need to lay a bit of ground work when making your roast, obviously. Make sure that your meat of choice (lamb is my pick of choice, but there’s no reason this wouldn’t work with pork, or even meatless) has adequate poundage to leave leftovers, generous amounts of gravy and make sure there’s plentiful roast veges. I use potato, sweet potato, onion, garlic and if I remember it, carrot. To be honest I usually forget the carrot. Just make more of everything than you would usually eat. But carrying on! Start by smearing the bottom of a sheet of puff pastry generously with gravy. We’re talking a fair smathering here (and yes I did mean to spell it like that, it’s somewhere between a smattering and a smothering). Then slice up a little bit of tasty cheese and lay it down. Don’t go crazy with the cheese because you’re going to put some more on later.

The Base

Then just throw in all your vegetables. Try and spread them fairly evenly so that there are different veges all over the place. I know that sounds obvious, but having watched the Male of the Species cook, well, I’m just making sure. It’s better with the veges on the bottom, since they caramelise well into the gravy.

The Middle

Meat next, keep the chunks small, about the same size as the veges. Then give it another layering of cheese, about the same amount as before. If you’re feeling crazy, a bit more gravy can’t hurt, but I tend not to simply because I like strong gravy and the stuff on the base is usually enough. Then you basically close her up by pressing the edges into each other. I usually make it so fat I need another half sheet of pastry to get it closed. Then paint the surface with milk, stab it a little with a knife so it can breathe and sprinkle it with sesame seeds.

The Skin
It’s ready to go into the oven now, about 180-200 C for roughly half an hour or until the pastry begins to look promising. Just throw it in and walk away (any good meal for a lazy cook involves walking away for extended periods of time). Then once it’s cooked take it out and eat it.  It reheats very well, better almost than it does in leftover roast form. It’s a good one because you don’t have to cut anything up or prepare things really, you just throw it all in and walk away. I was all set to take photos of it with the golden brown pastry and the hot, gleaming gravy oozing between the vegetables, but I ate it before I remembered to. Sorry 🙂

9 thoughts on “Leftover Roast Pastie

  1. this sounds good 🙂 i always find it hard to resist picking at the food i’m taking pictures of! thanks for visiting the Sugar Bar. x

  2. What a wonderful idea for left over roast and veggies!! I will admit, we do get a bit tired of roast beef sandwiches at my house. I have some homemade puff pastry in the freezer from December that I need to use. This might just do the trick!!

  3. Well, Arwen… you don’t sound like a lazy cook. I think everyone has his/her own style of constructing ideas to the creative results, you know. And using leftover vegetables, there’s a creation. So, you’re not lazy at all!

  4. You can yourself a lazy cook, but I love the recipes! I can actually re-create them with ease, like that potato cake. Shame on the final photo lol.

  5. You’re becoming the puff pastry queen! I felt very jealous eating warmed up roast when you were preparing this. If only I could get frozen gluten free pastry…

  6. Hi everyone. I’ve realised we were having some mistaken identity problems with our old theme because it didn’t show the author of the post in some views. Hopefully the new theme is better in this respect. Now you can see if a post is by Alloronan, James or myself.

  7. Of course it was lovely and golden! Part of the reason I cook with puff pastry so much is the way it smells when it’s cooking 🙂 And how is this not lazy? You practically have to do nothing!

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