Guylian Cafe

The Vegaquarian recently asked me out for dinner and a lecture. It sounded like a nice idea for a girls night out. Even if the American Recession wouldn’t have been my first choice of lecture topic, I thought it would be worth seeing. I was also drawn in by the prospect of dinner at the Guylian Cafe. As it turns out the lecture was quite interesting although it would have been useful to have some prior knowledge of economics.


I resisted the temptation to ride the new office elephant to get there. I think she’s only really good for trips down the corridor. Preferably after hours when you won’t get spotted.


When we arrived at the Guylian Cafe we decided to have a main course as well as a dessert. The Vegaquarian loves her salmon, so the Smoked Salmon Salad with capers was the obvious choice for her. It arrived with plenty of salmon, rocket and capers.


I couldn’t resist the goats cheese in the Vegetarian Salad, so it was my choice. I really liked the pine nuts and currants and I would have been happy to have more of these. I found the salad dressing a bit vinegary, especially with the tangy goats cheese. Overall the salad was pleasant, but it seemed light and small for a meal. There is a good reason for this though and that’s saving room for pudding. A light salad is the perfect choice before a big rich dessert. This is a good piece of menu planning – well done Guylian.


The Vegaquarian is on a mission to try Affogato at every restaurant she visits. The Guylian Affogato lost points for being served with the coffee already poured onto the icecream. This removed a certain level of interactivity and affected the temperature of the dessert. What the Affogato did score well for was the liqueur. It was chocolatey and creamy. A perfect addition to the coffee and icecream.


I had a Chocolate Passion Shake. The passion in the name made me expect passionfruit, but there wasn’t any. The passion must refer to a passion for chocolate not passionfruit. That’s a good kind of passion too. The shake was served in a really tall glass, but luckily the large quantity didn’t mean any compromise in quality. The shake was rich with chocolate and icecream. I really enjoyed it, but I have to warn you it was really filling. I was very glad I’d had a salad for first course when I had to fit in a dessert like that.

On the whole I enjoyed the Guylian Cafe. The service was fine and the view at Circular Quay was lovely. It’s quite expensive at $10-15 for even the simpler desserts. The quality of the food is good though. In the chocolate cafe stakes I would say I preferred Guylian to Lindt, but my favourite is still Koko Black.

As well as the difference in food, I wonder if these cafes differ in their levels of girliness. Alternatively maybe the differences in clientele on my visits were related to the time of day. When I’ve been to Lindt in the afternoon it has felt like most of the tables were groups of women and the only men there were accompanying women. At Guylian the eaters seemed more mixed and there were even some men eating there without women. I wonder if that was because it was dinner time or if different types of chocolate attract different consumers?

Guylian Cafe
Shop 10 Opera Quays
3 Macquarie St

Ratings (out of 5 snorts)

Price 2 snorts
Taste 4 snorts
Service 3 snorts
Atmosphere 4 snorts

11 thoughts on “Guylian Cafe

  1. It’s funny, I’ve been to Guylian twice but not for their mains, for their desserts. In fact I had almost forgotten that they served them! Good to know that the savouries are tasty and yes a light salad definitely allows for dessert to be had πŸ™‚

  2. I still haven’t been to the Guylian Cafe, sounds like a definite place to visit (hopefully soon) after the great reviews about their desserts.

  3. LOL I never thought to try their mains! I was so consumed with the desserts I didn’t even know they served mains! =]

  4. how’d the company describe the elephant in their accounts? that’s awesome.

    i’ve only been to guylian cafe once, but found most things too sweet. and waffle wise, lindt jumps all over guylian… πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Ffichiban – I love the elephant, but I’m a bit scared to ride her. I don’t think she was designed for kids my age πŸ˜›

    Hi Christie – they did give us a couple of sea shells with the sugar for the coffee. I’m not sure why they give you sugar for an affogato, but we enjoyed the chocolates.

    Hi Lorraine – I think the desserts are definitely the most important part πŸ™‚

    Hi Lili – I was a bit disappointed with the restrained size of the salad until I got to dessert. Then I could see the method in the madness.

    Hi Anita – you’ll have to give it a go, I’d certainly recommend the shake.

    Hi K – totally understandable to focus on the dessert!

    Hi Shez – Sadly the elephant wasn’t bought for us. We’re babysitting him for his mum who hasn’t got room for any more toys in her office.
    Interesting comment about the extreme sweetness, maybe I was lucky with my shake. It must vary between the desserts. I definitely find sweetness a problem with San Churros. Guylian and Lindt not so much, but maybe that’s what I picked in each case.

    Hi Forager – gotta measure things in snorts if you’re a hoglet πŸ™‚

  6. Haha, I assumed that the passion was for passion fruit as well, and was a little weirded out by the possible combination of passion fruit with chocolate… =D Mmm, that smoked salmon looks delicious! Love that you measure out your satisfaction with snorts, how cute!

  7. thats nice of u to have a vegie meal with your friend πŸ™‚ ,y bf scrambles to get ‘meat’ dishes whenever we go out to eat !!

    i do prefer lindt to guylian (lindt waffles droooool)
    and koko black well the closest one is canberra, and there might be an upcoming road trip up there πŸ™‚

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