The Fudge Shop (I’d eat healthier if I was a dugong)

Sometimes when I buy prepared food I feel guilty, because I know I could make the same thing at home either cheaper, healthier or tastier. Other times I know the food in question is best prepared by the experts and I don’t have to feel lazy when I buy it. Fudge certainly falls into the second category. People who are better home cooks than I am have worked very hard to make fudge successfully. The recent fudge experiments by Lorraine and Y really demonstrate how difficult fudge making can be. Lorraine made three batches before she was satisfied, and Y made seven! I cheated and went to the Fudge Shop in the Harbourside complex at Darling Harbour.


The Fudge Shop makes heaps of different flavours of fudge. All of them are gluten free with the exception of the Rocky Road and Cookies and Cream flavours. I’m always drawn to the chocolate based flavours, but it’s a matter of taste. Alloronan put in an order for us to bring her a slice of the Caramel fudge which is her favourite. If fudge isn’t your thing there’s peanut brittle, fairy floss and toffee apples. It’s the fudge that brings me back though. It has a beautiful texture which is just hard enough to hold together but very soft and melty inside. Apparently if you keep it for too long it will get harder. I have no personal experience of this though because I don’t have the self-control to keep my fudge for longer than a few days.


The most exciting part about visiting the Fudge Shop is that you can see the fudge being made. There are two enormous marble benches used to cool the hot fudge and shape it into logs.


First of all the fudge is spread out thinly to cool.


Then it is shaped into a log.


The decorations tell you which flavour is which. We saw the Chocolate Jaffa fudge being made.


When it has cooled the fudge is sliced into squares which you buy by weight. It’s around $4 per slice. I wouldn’t eat a whole slice in one sitting. This time our party shared one between the three of us.


Once we’d had our fill of fudge we were able to go and see what had brought us to Darling Harbour – the dugongs. Sydney Aquarium has two orphaned dugongs from Queensland on display at the moment. They’re great animals to watch with their cute faces. They swim with their tails much like a dolphin does, but they breath through their noses rather than a having a hole in their heads.


One of the best things about seeing the dugongs is that they eat almost continuously so you can get a really good view. Their mouths seemed like big vacuum cleaners.


Apparently they eat about 80 kg of lettuce between them each day. The staff clean each leaf and put it in a weighted tray which sinks to the bottom of the tank. In the wild they would eat seagrass, but lettuce has a similar nutritional value.


We also saw one of the dugongs sleeping. It could only lie down for about three minutes at a time before it had to come up for a breath. It didn’t seem very restful at all!

We spent ages taking photos and videos of the dugong, so we were glad we’d had our fudge snack before we went in. Hopefully we burned off some of the kilojoules pressing our shutters.

The Fudge Shop
Shop 267, Harbourside
Darling Harbour, NSW

21 thoughts on “The Fudge Shop (I’d eat healthier if I was a dugong)

  1. Oooh I remember the fudge shop! I haven’t been there for years-like over a decade I think! 😛 After making the stuff I’d be very interested in watching them make it lol. How was the fudge? Was it the grainy or smooth kind?

    Dugongs are so cute, they look so sweet and smiley! 🙂

  2. LOL…glad you’re not a dogong, otherwise how am I going to read this post about you went to the fugde shop, cheating your way out 😉

  3. The Fudge Shop at Harbourside holds a special place in my childhood memories too. When I was a child, and my family took a trip to Darling Harbour (every couple of weekends), we never left without a piece of fudge. Like Alloronan, caramel was one of my top picks, but I think that peppermint was my favourite. I’m always glad to see that shop there whenever I get a chance to go to Darling Harbour now, its nice to know that some things are timeless.

  4. Great photos! I’d completely forgotten about that fudge shop. The dugongs are incredibly cute. I like the way they hoover up food – I can totally relate! 😀

  5. This fudge shop brings back good memories! I use to buy some every week when I worked at the Colorado store back during Uni. Caramel was my favourite!

  6. oh yum fudge! I havent had fudge for ages. I’ve never seen fudge shaped into logs before, its usually presented as a square or rectangle. I wonder, if they shaped fudge to make it look like sea weed/grass, would the dugongs eat it? hmmm……something for all of us to think about. lol

  7. I can’t believe that fudge shop is still there. Does it still draw a crowd when they make it? Caramel was my fave.
    And the dugongs are so adorable! Though obviously, all that swimming exercise and lettuce does not make them any slimmer. I’d stick to fudge.

  8. there’s nothing better than watching sweets being made. so much care goes into doing it that i just wouldn’t have the patience for at home!

    and oh poor dugongs. imagine trying to sleep underwater! 😦

  9. Hee hee the dugongs are sooo cuutte ^^! *moooooo* and mmmm they have awesome fudge The Fudge Shop but like you said, can’t eat a whole one in one sitting. Spread it over a few sittings 😉

  10. The fudge looks amazing….not many places to buy fudge here…and I would think that even the places here are not that great…sigh I could do with some fudge right about now….might just have to attempt Lorraine’s recipe 🙂

  11. Om nom nom nom… thanks muchly for my caramel order, it was delicious! I also will have to try making Lorraine’s effort, since I seem to be doing lots of sweet making lately- speaking of which, chocolate balls coming your way soon. I guess in the end, those dugongs will be better nutrited (is that a word?) than all of us!

  12. “… One of the best things about seeing the dugongs is that they eat almost continuously …”

    I must have been a dugong in my last life.

  13. Lovely to see the Dugongs. Sydney aquarium is so fantastic – it was a real highlight of our trip to Oz.

    If you like fudge Arwen then look out for a Scottish recipe called tablet. It’s a really yummy sweet that is a bit like fudge but with a bit more texture. Mouth wateringly good (though not as good for your waistline as lettuce)

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