The Gozde Cafe’s Lentil Soup

This is just a really quick review of a little place I visited in Auburn recently (at which to be honest I only had one dish). This was a take away kebab place called the Gozde Cafe, which normally wouldn’t warrant a review as it sells your standard kebab/burger/hot chips menu. However, an Old Friend took me there on the premise that they had exceptionally good lentil soup. It’s a corner shop on Auburn street, near the train station, which means if you have a burning urge for some of that soupy goodness it’s very easy to get to. As for the soup itself, it was waaaay better than I was expecting. Admittedly I’ve never had lentil soup in any form before, but my previous meetings with the humble lentil have lead me to believe that it was flavourless, boring bulking agent that gets some cachet with the health freaks because there’s nothing in it to give it any fat or salt or other nasties (and thus nothing to give it flavour). This soup, however, was delightfully savoury, and just a dash of the provided lemon juice made it absolutely delicious. It’s also very heavy going. I was a bit dubious when the Old Friend suggested soup for dinner, since soup is usually very light, but I was unable to finish my bowl! Admittedly, this was somewhat caused by my consumption of the soup aids. Your bowl comes with a little plate of pickles, lemon and a white root vegetable (no idea what it is, doesnt taste like very much) and a basket of bread. This was the perfect accompaniment- I found the best way to eat it was to take a mouthful of soup, then as a chaser place a pickle on a bit of bread, douse it in more soup and eat that. Delicious! But the best was yet to come. Take a guess at how much this little smorgasboard of deliciousness costs! Look at the pretty picture of it while you decide 🙂
Lentil Soup
Would you believe, $6? Six dollars for a delicious bowl of soup, plus the sides?! This is true uni student value here, particularly because you end up completely and totally full. Not to mention that if, like me, you have a greenpass (or other travel pass) you can get there essentially free from the ultra convenient train station. Admittedly it loses out somewhat on the atmosphere side. It’s a take away place, and it makes no pretensions otherwise. We sat in the outdoor seating, which as the main drag of Auburn is hardly George Street at peak hour, was very pleasant. The manager was a delight too, coming to check on us and asking the Old Friend how it was possible that she could be so beautiful. For value like this it’s worth putting up with a little road noise.

Corner of Auburn Rd and Civic Rd (and Queen St a bit too, if you can’t find it)

Ratings (out of 5 snorts)
Price 5 snorts
Taste 4 snorts
Service 5 snorts
Atmosphere 1 snorts

13 thoughts on “The Gozde Cafe’s Lentil Soup

  1. Sounds like great value. I havent had lentil soup since I was a kid, but we usually have it a bit chunky with alot of the lentils still intact. This looks like a more pleasant version of lentil soup.

  2. Ah, so you had çorba. It sounds great! I love the way you can get such a fulfilling meal so cheaply in Auburn.

  3. Uni student value it is! I haven’t had a soup in a while but with this weather lately, I think it’s time for a soup revival! On another note, I adore lentils, so glad you’re enjoying them too:)

  4. ahhh! i’ve become a recent lentils convert (now i’m looking everywhere for things to put them in for that lovely earthy, pulsey flavour). the soup looks so hearty & delicious (and i love the idea of serving it with pickles to provide a little palate cleanser in between slurps!)

  5. I’m always looking for new ways to cook lentils. This looks like the kind of lunch that fills you up just right without causing you to doze off at the desk in the afternoon. The add-ons they give you on the side are fascinating.

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