George’s Cafe

A recent review by Two-KG said that the desserts at George’s Cafe were a failure, so I was puzzled to walk past the other night and see this cafe bursting at the seams. Sunday nights are busy in Burwood, but this was a rainy night and many cafes were only half full. This was certainly not the case at George’s. The waiters were squeezing people into the odd available table. The whole Burwood crowd was there from families to first dates. George’s seemed to please everyone, so we had to try it out.

We joined the crowd and a waiter quickly found a table for us. Looking at the menu, and the tables around us, I could soon see that George’s Cafe was serving big meals at reasonable prices. Most of the meals were just under $20, which I think is one reason for the popularity of this cafe. It is slightly cheaper than several of the other cafes in Burwood.

There was a range of food across the cafe style including burgers, omlettes, crepes, steaks, pastas and a kids’ menu. We were surrounded by men eating steaks and kids eating nachos. One guy looked like he was really enjoying his chicken wings. Family dinners were squeezed into booths neighbouring couples nibbling at dips. It was a busy restaurant full of the hum of voices.

James spotted a huge white plate of pasta going by and his decision was made. We noticed that there were plenty of tasty looking vegetarian options and he chose a pasta that featured roasted eggplant and olives. It was rich with oil and salt, and big enough to satisfy a man’s appetite. James was particularly delighted that two different waiters offered him cracked pepper, so he was able to get a double dose.


I decided to have one of the gourmet omelettes. I didn’t want to be left out of the roast eggplant scene, so I picked an omelette that featured it. The fetta and sweet capsicum were perfect foils for the eggplant. In a fit of health consciousness I chose the vegetables over the chips, but I admit I was glad to find some crispy roast potatoes under my omelette. Like the pasta, the serving of omelette was huge, and I had some difficulty finishing it before we had to rush for the bus.


Now Two-KG criticised the desserts at George’s cafe, but I can’t address this because I was too full of mains to try them. I did have a banana smoothie which tasted of real banana and I was fairly happy with it. James had a chocolate thickshake which was nothing to write home about, but was thick with icecream.

On the whole I’d say that George’s is one of the better cafes in Burwood. It is better priced than either Bello or Gasparo and I think that the food is similar. The atmosphere is quite noisy compared to the sereneness of Bello. I’d say you choose your cafe by the occasion, but George’s is a good choice for a big tasty meal at a reasonable price.

122 Burwood Rd
Burwood, NSW

Ratings (out of 5 snorts)

Price 3 snorts
Taste 4 snorts
Service 3 snorts
Atmosphere 3 snorts

10 thoughts on “George’s Cafe

  1. Wow look at that monster-sized omelette! I’m not surprised you were too full for desserts hehe. I like how you could choose veges as a side instead of chips

  2. That omelette is enormous! I have a weakness for a good omelette. I also try and order vegetables or salad but sometimes wish there was a half half option where I could get some fries (just a few!) and then veges/salad.

  3. i used to go to georges all the time and have never been disappointed. their servings are always huge, so i’ve never had room for dessert either! but the cafe a few doors up does an amazing creme brulee (forgot the name though!).

  4. Omelettes are so underrated aren’t they? I find them so satisfying, especially now that the weather is getting cooler. You’ll have to go back for dessert methinks, for *research* lol.

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