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So my parents (with whom I live) are going walking for two weeks in Kakadu, leaving me on my sweet little lonesome. This means that for two weeks I’m going to be cooking for myself and myself alone most of the time, which could be something of a problem. You see, everything I make ends up being huge. Remember Arwen’s post about that recipe book of meals for fifty? Yeah, don’t need that, practically everything I cook would feed fifty by itself, or at best only need to be doubled.

Now, I could just cook a few giant meals, and then refrigerate/freeze them and alternate nights eating them, but that could get super boring since it’d take me all of the two weeks to eat 3 dishes. Alternatively, I could end up getting bored of cooking every night since this is a whole lot of effort and find myself subsisting on mi goreng and dying of malnutrition on the 13th day. However, I thought that perhaps I could make this an opportunity to expand my recipe base.

So this is my challenge for you- recipes for one that are perfect for the lazy cook. To make it interesting, I’ll suggest a list of veges and herbs I have growing that are ready to be eaten (there are others that aren’t) and see what you come up with. It’s best if they’re things you personally cook on a regular basis, the recipes you know essentially by heart. If you have to think about it too long, it’s not lazy enough :)

Vegetables- Zucchinis, carrots, lettuce, green capsicums (tiny ones), lemons, oranges.

Herbs- basil, mint, bay, rosemary, garlic chives, lemongrass, marjoram, thyme, kaffir lime, parsely (although I don’t like it much).

Herb garden

Points for low on meat (since I’m cheap), points for using the suggested plants, double points if I don’t have to go down to the shops (so using things you’d expect me to have round the house like pasta, rice, eggs, basic sauces etc).

With any luck, there’ll be a bunch of lazy recipes at the end that everyone can use, so don’t forget to check back through the comments and see what’s there!

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