Cafe Bello

Bello is located within Burwood Westfield, with big glass windows looking across the road to the park. The paintings inside are of happy groups of people, and the daughter of the owner features in every picture. A mixture of booths and tables allows for different size groups to sit together, which is convenient whether you’re having a big celebration or a romantic dinner for two.

There are two things about the menu at Bello that make it an attractive place to dine. One is that the dessert menu is very long. The other is that the full selection of pasta sauces are available as risottos. If you’re on a gluten free diet that’s a real bonus.


The Risotto Boscaiola was very creamy, with plenty of bacon and mushrooms. If you need room for dessert this isn’t the dish for you, but if you love creamy sauces it’s an excellent choice.


The Salami and Goats Cheese Pizza on the specials menu caught James’ eye. It proved to be very tasty, but the base was a little crisp.


The Pollo Gamberi featured chicken and prawns with a tomato sauce and cheese. It was somewhat outshone by the Fettucine Marinara with its beautiful scallop shell.


After these mains, it was a struggle to fit in dessert, but the long dessert menu is the thing that makes Bello special. They have a large selection of cakes, icecream desserts made with Serendipity icecream, and a selection of gluten free cookies.


The Choc Rock cake was popular at our table, with its layers of nutty meringue and chocolate mousse. Alloronan said hers good, but it was overshadowed by her scoop of Serendipity icecream. She had the fudge brownie flavour, and was in raptures over it.


The Pancakes with berries were dripping with red juice and topped with a scoop of icecream. A lovely way to finish your meal.

So which cafe do you choose in Burwood? It depends on the occasion. Bello, Gasparo and George’s are all good choices. George’s draws crowds with its slightly lower prices and has a good selection of meals, making it a good choice for a regular night out. For special occasions Bello is more suitable since it can seat more people at a table and has a quieter atmosphere. The long dessert menu is attractive too.

Cafe Bello
Westfield Shoppingtown
Burwood NSW

Ratings (out of 5 snorts)

Price 3 snorts
Taste 3 snorts
Service 3 snorts
Atmosphere 4 snorts

13 thoughts on “Cafe Bello

  1. What a great looking spread & beautifully aptured. that pizza is really calling my name! Love the dessert too…. Snort snort snort snort!!

  2. I’m glad you’ve reviewed a cafe inside a Westfield. It’s good to know there are places to grab a reasonable meal (while shopping!). And the choc rock cake looks great – is it the same as Concordia cake, with all that meringue and choc bits – yum!

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