Stardust: a recipe to celebrate Catsplat

The fizzy sherbet and sparkling colours in this recipe are to celebrate the completion of our new iPhone App Catsplat. It’s a cute game, where you tilt your iPhone to keep the cats from eating the fish. You can also pin a cat with your finger, and if another cat hits it they explode into sparkling colours. That’s why sherbet seemed like the perfect analogy.

These easy to make sherbet parcels are the perfect recipe for a kids’ party, and that’s where I first encountered them. It was a Star Wars party in the park, and the lovely cellophane packets of sherbet stardust were easy to eat by sucking through a straw. Ideal for a snack between battles of the girls versus the boys.

You have to admire a mother who has the patience to make these though. It’s a fiddly job if you want to make a lot of them. You can crush your Fruit Tingles using a mortar and pestle, but a food processor makes the job quicker. After that making the individual cellophane parcels is simple even though it’s time consuming.

This stardust is for James and Alloronan, who have worked hard on Catsplat. James is the programmer, and Alloronan is the graphic designer. Our musician friend Daniel even made a tune for us. If you’d like to admire their work, take a look at our video of Catsplat in action. You can find out more about the game at the TopDog Dev website, and download it from the iTunes App Store.

Recipe for Sherbet Stardust
You Need:
Fruit Tingles (I used 2 mini rolls per bonbon, so a pack of 8 made 4 bonbons)
Drinking straws
Rubber bands

1. Crush the Fruit Tingles in your food processor or with a mortar and pestle until they become stardust.
2. Cut a square of cellophane and spoon a portion of stardust onto it.
3. Bring the corners together and insert a drinking straw (or half one) into the package.
4. Secure your bonbon with a rubber band (stretch it over the filled end rather than the straw).
5. They look lovely massed together on a tray.

14 thoughts on “Stardust: a recipe to celebrate Catsplat

  1. hehehe, I wish I had an iPhone so that I could play Catsplat! Though my cat would freak out at the realistic cat noises. I might try making the sherbet, though. Haven’t one of those for years!

  2. Wow, look at the sherbet smoke coming out of the top of the food processor! I’d forgotten how much I love sherbet, have to try some!

  3. I haven’t got through applications on my iPhone but bejeweled blitz and fling. Will look up later hehehe… Haven’t made sherbet myself, sounds fun.

  4. Wow – a biochemist and a programmer? Geez you make the rest of us look really dumb! Looks like this is a very kid friendly recipe too – I mean for eating as I know I went through a lot of fizzy sherbety stuff as a kid.

  5. that is great – my dad made us all christmas presents out of fruit tingles one year – I laughed at him drilling holes in the fruit tingles instead of buying life savesr

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