Germany’s only Nudelmuseum

What’s a Nudelmuseum? A museum about noodles of course. The pasta manufacturer in Riesa (Sachsen, Germany) runs factory tours on weekdays, and on weekends the Nudelmuseum, restaurant and shop are open. Want to buy 5kg of pasta? No worries, and the choices aren’t limited to macaroni and spaghetti either. The Riesa range includes Spätzle, gluten free pasta, Bärlauch pasta, and Schokonudeln. Chocolate noodles do sound strange, but perhaps you could serve them with custard, or chocolate sauce and icecream.

My mum knows what tastes good

In the museum there were historic pasta machines, packages and advertisements. The dies for extruding the pasta were about 30cm across, with holes in the shape of macaroni, letters from the alphabet, and stars. Unfortunately the die for the dinosaur pasta wasn’t on display. A huge collection of packaging showed how marketing fashions have changed over several decades, and there were some good historic photos of pasta being made.

Little Sabina knows what tastes good

A weekly menu from the staff canteen during the DDR era was displayed above a set of plastic lunch dishes, which were divided into several compartments. Surprisingly, noodles weren’t a daily feature on the menu, although perhaps they weren’t mentioned precisely because they did appear daily. The workplace also provided a clinic, where you could see a nurse daily, or a doctor on certain days. The doctor also worked in the soap factory and the fireworks factory. The latter sounds like a workplace that would need a doctor on call.

It was an interesting museum. It’s a shame Schokonudeln aren’t part of the gluten free range.

Teigwaren Riesa GmbH
Merzdorfer Straße 21
01591 Riesa

10 thoughts on “Germany’s only Nudelmuseum

  1. That is cool as hell! Why doesn’t Sydney have a noodle museum? There would have to be a shrine to instant noodles, for all starving uni students to give thanks at XD

  2. What a great way to spend your time in Germany – at a noodle museum. (Although I think any museum is good). And I love the graphics.
    Guten tag!

  3. Okay, so you’ll know *just* what kind of person I am — on first glance (a very quick one), I thought I saw Germany’s only nude museum and got all giddy and stuff. How disappointing, Arwen. You should really go sit in a corner and think about what you did. 🙂

    In all seriousness, this place seems fascinating. This is the kind of place I would seek out when visiting a foreign country. Is there anything about the German making fun of how some Americans pronounce Spätzle. 🙂

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