Apple Fritters

I have a situation at the moment, regarding fruit. Specifically, an excess of it. My fellow domestics are no longer domestic but are instead holidaying in Western Australia, and they have left me with large amounts of fruit. There is too much for any one person to eat fresh by a long way, so my response is to find ways to cook it up so it will last longer. Things like oranges I will simply turn into juice, there weren’t many pears and those there were got microwaved with nutella, so tonight my challenge was apples! These will keep a very long time, particularly if kept in the fridge, so I’m not under too much pressure to use them. Now, I could have simply googled for apple fritter recipes, but where’s the fun in that? I prefer to make up simple things so that I can get my own unique flavours working.

Here’s what I did:
2 apples, peeled, cored and grated
1 egg
3/4 cup SR flour
1/2 cup hazelnut meal
2 tabs honey
2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon
Ground cloves and nutmeg to taste ( a shake or so)

Mix all that together into a batter, and then dollop spoonfuls into a frying pan with plenty of butter, and I mean real, salted butter. The salt adds just a little bit of pizaz which is really nice, so don’t go for the salt free crap. The batter is quite moist and thick, so use some kind of cover that will keep the heat in but let the steam out so they don’t go soggy. Cook until golden brown. I found with an average frying pan I could get 3 in at once, which is a perfect serving size for one person to eat hot. You can serve them with icecream and just a little maple syrup, but I personally think that they have plenty of flavour to eat alone.

The outside should be lovely and crisp with a soft moist inside, and the bits of hazelnut add a great texture point. As The Male of The Species said, “they’re like delicious fruity frittery things!” I’m glad they were like that, since that’s what I was going for 🙂

9 thoughts on “Apple Fritters

    • That’s part of why I decided to invent my own even though there’s probably plenty of recipes already- it means I might get something a little different 🙂

  1. Apple and cinnamon are such a yummy combination! They sound beautiful, and I love the description by the male of the species!

  2. Lovely idea – apples and hazelnuts are great together. I bet this would be tasty with pears too. Do you make hazelnut meal in the food processor or is it something you buy? (I’m guessing it’s like ground almonds but with hazelnuts?)

    • I buy it 🙂 I could probably make it, but I don’t have access to an easy, cheap source of hazelnuts that would make it worthwhile to do. It’s exactly like almond meal made from hazelnuts, and most health food places have it. In fact, even coles has it, so it’s easy to get if you’re looking for it.

  3. I know how you feel! Last year when I went to Orange I came back with a glut of apples too – ended up making apple everything – apple sauce, apple pie, apple soup even! Not apple fritters though – yours look tasty – so I wish I had made some now!

  4. Lucky you, with all the fruits in da house… hazelnut meal sounds so delight with the apple, and the candle light adds an extra indulgement 😉

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