Coconut Water Smoothie

Coconut water sounds romantically tropical if you’re from a temperate climate. And promisingly refreshing as we come into summer. Coconut water is good at quenching thirst, partly because it’s high in electrolytes including potassium. This makes it similar to a sportsdrink.

I recently received a tetra-pak of C Coconut Water to trial, and I wanted to make a summery smoothie. If you don’t have time for a trip to the shops, this smoothie is perfect, because the ingredients will keep in your cupboard and freezer until you need them.

The smoothie tastes summery and refreshing, with a touch of creamy decadence from the icecream. Remember to refrigerate the coconut water and peach in mango first if you like your drinks icy cold.

Peach, Mango and Coconut Smoothie
1 cup peach in mango (including the fruit and juice, from a can)
330mL coconut water
2 scoops vanilla icecream

Pour the peach in mango into your blender and blend until fairly smooth.

Add the coconut water and icecream and blend again.

This recipe makes about 600mL, which will serve 2–3 people depending on the size of your glasses.

3 thoughts on “Coconut Water Smoothie

  1. It’s strange how coconut water and coconut oil are suddenly the liquids du jour. I don!t care, they taste good regardless, and a tropical smoothie like this is a grat way to enjoy.

  2. I am unfortunately reading this on a frosty sub-twenty degree day, but I can imagine it being refreshing in the heat of summer. I wonder if mint would go well…?

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