Foodie Dice

Do you sometimes feel stuck in a cooking rut, making the same meals over and over again?

My last dinner rut featured far too many curries with rice. Last winter it was bean soup. A friend told me she was so bored with her stir fry routine that she made a pact with her husband that each week one of them would cook a new recipe for dinner.

Food routines can be very boring, and it’s nutritionally beneficial to eat a variety of foods. So how do you find the inspiration to break out of your dinner rut?

Six wooden dice with names of ingredients stamped on the faces.

A roll of the Foodie Dice provides inspiration to create a meal.

Foodie Dice are a fun idea designed precisely to break up your cooking routine. There’s a vegetable dice for each season, a cooking method dice, a carbohydrate dice, a herb dice, a bonus flavour dice, and a meat or vegetarian protein dice.

Rolling the Foodie Dice I was given for Christmas I was presented with these ideas

Green beans, dried dill leaves and a tub of cottage cheese

The Foodie Dice suggested I use green beans as a summer vegetable, dill as a herb, and cheese as a vegetarian protein.

  • green beans
  • cheese
  • garlic
  • dill
  • pasta
  • roast/bake

A look in the cupboard told me that it was time to eat my potatoes, so I swapped them for the suggested pasta. I also deviated from the suggested cooking method, because on a summer day it seemed crazy to bake food rather than use the stovetop.

I boiled the potatoes and used the other ingredients to make a fresh summery sauce.

I sliced and diced the suggested ingredients with a few extra veggies and sauteed them in olive oil. I also added a handful of split red lentils for fibre. The final step was to add the cottage cheese and just heat it through without allowing it to boil.

A meal in a plate featuring green beans.

A Foodie Dice inspired dish featuring beans, dill and cottage cheese.

The results: potatoes served with a summery sauce featuring green beans and cottage cheese flavoured with dill and garlic. And a welcome change to my routine thanks to the Foodie Dice!

Happy New Year! I wish you an enjoyable year of cooking, with plenty of variety.

Coeliacs and others on a gluten free diet should be aware that seitan, featured on the vegetarian protein dice, is a meat substitute made from wheat gluten.

2 thoughts on “Foodie Dice

  1. Coming up with different and tasty dinner ideas is so hard, isn’t it? You made a good one, though, with the beans and cheese.
    If I had those dice, I’d probably flick them over to the same boring thing every night (sigh!)

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