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Tree scale, it’s just like cornflakes

5 October 2014


Insects may have only recently made their way into convenience foods, but they’ve been part of traditional meals in Central Australia for tens of thousands of years. And some insects taste good, even sweet. River red gum tree scale was my insect food of choice on a recent trip to Central Australia. It’s sweet, and […]

Picking mandarins at Wisemans Ferry

4 August 2014


Picking your own fruit is one of life’s great pleasures, but up until now I didn’t know you could do it in winter. I thought the season ended in April when the frost starts and the last apples at Bilpin are picked. Happily you can pick fruit later in the year because winter is citrus […]

Homemade white corn tortillas

30 January 2014


Gluten free tortillas don’t have to be brittle and dry like so many of the ones you buy at the supermarket. Homemade ones aren’t difficult to make, and they taste better, which is very rewarding. With the aid of a tortilla press, these white corn tortillas with beany filling are a fun meal to make […]

Foodie Dice

8 January 2014


Do you sometimes feel stuck in a cooking rut, making the same meals over and over again? My last dinner rut featured far too many curries with rice. Last winter it was bean soup. A friend told me she was so bored with her stir fry routine that she made a pact with her husband […]

Ginger’s Coffee Studio

7 October 2013


Remember those orange vinyl chairs that your grandparents relegated to the back verandah because they were too loud for a modern kitchen? Or the warty green glass vase in the china cabinet? You know the one, nestling near the sugar pot decorated with geometric orange and brown fruit. These are the items you’ll need when […]

Fruit picking at Bilpin – apples and plums

16 March 2013


Crisp, sweet baby apples are one of autumn’s greatest pleasures. And they’re even fresher if you pick them yourself. We’ve picked apples in Bilpin before, at Bilpin Springs Orchard. This time we tried Pine Crest Orchard across the road. Both orchards are frequented by families and the occasional tourist bus. The competition between them doesn’t […]

Hector’s on the Wharf

5 August 2012


The countryside around Adelaide is dotted with little towns that were transport hubs in South Australia’s early days. There are ports on the gulf and on the Murray. Not to mention the innumerable railway towns, many of which carried agricultural produce or mining products to the Murray or the Gulf of St Vincent for shipping […]


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