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Ginger’s Coffee Studio

October 7, 2013 by


Remember those orange vinyl chairs that your grandparents relegated to the back verandah because they were too loud for a modern kitchen? Or the warty green glass vase in the china cabinet? You know the one, nestling near the sugar pot decorated with geometric orange and brown fruit. These are the items you’ll need when […]

Hector’s on the Wharf

August 5, 2012 by


The countryside around Adelaide is dotted with little towns that were transport hubs in South Australia’s early days. There are ports on the gulf and on the Murray. Not to mention the innumerable railway towns, many of which carried agricultural produce or mining products to the Murray or the Gulf of St Vincent for shipping […]

The Demel, Vienna

April 21, 2010 by


If you have a sweet tooth one of your first pieces of German vocabulary should be ‘die Konditorei’, which refers to a cake shop that serves torte. Vienna has a plethora of shops that sell these moist cakes. One of the oldest and most famous of these Konditorei is the Demel K.u.K. Hufzuckerbäcker, that is […]

Koko Black, and Stone Tools

September 27, 2009 by


Having a sweet tooth is an advantage for a hunter gatherer. On that sort of diet sweet foods, and calories, are difficult to find. These days a sweet tooth is not so useful, but I’m always looking for excuses to indulge mine. A day outdoors, investigating remnants of tool making by hunters, is the perfect […]

Cafe Bello

August 13, 2009 by


Bello is located within Burwood Westfield, with big glass windows looking across the road to the park. The paintings inside are of happy groups of people, and the daughter of the owner features in every picture. A mixture of booths and tables allows for different size groups to sit together, which is convenient whether you’re […]

George’s Cafe

April 28, 2009 by


A recent review by Two-KG said that the desserts at George’s Cafe were a failure, so I was puzzled to walk past the other night and see this cafe bursting at the seams. Sunday nights are busy in Burwood, but this was a rainy night and many cafes were only half full. This was certainly […]

Poetry at Sappho Books and Cafe

March 13, 2009 by


I love the candles at Poetry Night at Sappho. They provide a warm glow, or an evening of waxy pyromania, depending on your inclination. If you’re biased to the pyro side you do need to be careful though. It’s all too easy to burn yourself. Alloronan had problems when her candle reached critical point and […]


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