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Surprise Delight

May 11, 2010 by


There won’t be any photos in this post, sadly, as I have dropped my camera and broken the zoom so it’s off being fixed. That said, if we’re honest I wouldn’t actually have taken any photos of what I ate today because the tastiness was entirely unexpected. Actually, I was expecting it to be tasty- […]

Spaghetti Vegetable

April 11, 2010 by


It’s not just Arwen that can’t resist buying odd seeds– I am also subject to such urges and some time last year I indulged myself and bought a packet of spaghetti vegetable seeds. I didn’t get around to planting them until early this year though, so this post has been a long time coming! They […]

Eating homegrown okra

April 10, 2010 by


Leafing through a seed catalogue is one of life’s great pleasures. Burpless cucumbers (with almost no warts) compete for your attention against yellow tomatoes, purple carrots and popcorn maize. No matter how hard you try to be practical, and only buy what you like to eat, occasional “impulse-buys” slip their way into your order. This […]

No Dig Gardening

August 31, 2009 by


No dig gardening sounds like a bit of a misnomer when you apply it to pots, since they don’t usually require digging anyway. This method isn’t simply way to avoid digging though. It’s a way to create soil. It involves layering nitrogen rich and carbon rich organic materials alternately to make compost. In my pots […]

Feeding Your Soul with a Balcony Garden

May 20, 2009 by


Children in primary school always ask each other about their pets. I remember telling a few people who asked me that I had pet bees. At the time I mustn’t have realised that there’s a difference between keeping pets and animal husbandry. Beehives are for honey, and you don’t get any affection from the bees […]

Food Gardening

April 26, 2009 by


I think it’s time for another food gardening plug! This time I’m simply going to show you some of the produce I’ve grown over the last couple of months, and talk about the experience of growing them:) Firstly I guess I’ll start with the things I’ve intentionally grown, as opposed to those that just happened, […]

Pesto Pasta with Smoked Chicken

April 20, 2009 by


This dish has been a long time coming, in many ways. It is chiefly made by one of the housemates of the Male of the Species, a delightful fellow called Maximilian (who has such an awesome name that no sobriquet is necessary). All of the housemates swore by it, said it was delicious and easy, […]


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