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Coconut Water Smoothie

December 3, 2011 by


Coconut water sounds romantically tropical if you’re from a temperate climate. And promisingly refreshing as we come into summer. Coconut water is good at quenching thirst, partly because it’s high in electrolytes including potassium. This makes it similar to a sportsdrink. I recently received a tetra-pak of C Coconut Water to trial, and I wanted […]

Roasted Stonefruit Frozen Yoghurt

February 3, 2010 by


Stone fruit and icecream are two of the greatest pleasures of summer. A combination of the two is ultimately tempting, as I’m sure Deeba of Passionate About Baking knows. Her fruity desserts are tempting anytime, but it’s her Roasted Peach and Plum Icecream that has had me drooling for months. Hung yoghurt is another of […]

Homemade chocolate sauce

April 24, 2009 by


A little while ago we invented a new homemade chocolate sauce from some half-remembered chocolate sauce recipes and the ingredients we had to hand. We’ve been meaning to post about it, but we’ve just been too busy eating it. We find it goes very well as topping on ice cream. It’s very simple to make. […]

Fruit Picking at Bilpin

April 15, 2009 by


One of the activities I’ve been hoping to do for a while is visit a pick-your-own farm. There are a few places not far from Sydney where you can pick fruit that you pay for by the kilo. Different fruits are available at different times of year. In Autumn, chestnuts and apples are both in […]


January 11, 2009 by


Gelatomassi in Newtown wins the Hoglet’s choice award for the best gelato shop in Sydney. Does that sound like a bit of a big claim to make? That’s exactly the idea. I want you all to recommend your favourite gelato places so that we’ll have some nice new places to try. Cunning plan huh? While […]


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